A “Spectrum” Of Worthy Winners [Opinion]

Zedd and Interscope Records held a remix contest a long while back (whenever the Spectrum EP was due to release). Recently, I decided to delve back into the remixes that led me to discover so many more artists and broaden the horizons for myself. Hell, I even discovered remixes from artists I already knew, yet never went so far to see if they created a “Spectrum” remix. It’s already been said that Monsta‘s remix was by far the best I ever heard. Even went as far to calling it the best song ever created, which is highly debatable to others.

Regardless, I have discovered a few remixes that I believe deserve some kind of mention/recognition. Putting work into making an amazing remix can be difficult, and putting yourself out there to get noticed for said remix can prove even more challenging (after all, I did follow the Seven Lions Remix Contest, which was fun and annoying all at once due to so many artists’ songs). Anyway, the “Spectrum” remix contest proved no different than the Seven Lions remix contest, just a different song with many artists wanting to create a chance for them self to win.

Going back to the remixes, there are definitely some people who deserved a spot on the Spectrum EP in my mind without a doubt. Not taking anything away from the winners at all either, they had superb remixes of the track. Arty, Armin Van Buuren, Congorock, and few others definitely deserved some recognition for their great work. In my opinion though, there are a handful of artists who also deserved such the recognition, and I name these artists my winners of the remix contest (sure it doesn’t mean much, but still).

Savant, who definitely had a great remix going with his track. He always creates the music and makes it his ultimately, because he has such a unique sound. You could hear a song of his, and instantly tell he created it. Savant made the remix his own, while keeping it true to the original, and truly did it wonderfully. The talented KDrew also did great with his remix of the track. Nothing short of amazing in my mind, and definitely deserved all the credit it received.

Culture Code had an awesome remix as well. Culture Code kept the feel of the song through the entire duration. Nothing so majorly hard sounding to the point where it sounded like it didn’t belong. Everything was calm and relaxing, just as the original song stayed, throughout. And lastly, the artist known as KNIGHTLOVE. While I’m not particularly sure whether the entered the competition or not, but they did reveal a preview for their remix. I absolutely love what was done, personally. All four of these artists, would be my version of the Spectrum EP.

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