Afrojack Butchers PSY’s “Gangnam Style” [Electro House]

So the Dirty Dutch “master” Afrojack has made some very mainstream hits obtaining him major fame, which affects him making time to make actual impressive and notable music. With him producing for Pitbull and with David Guetta, it makes him more noticeable to the public eye. When every 15 year old with a MIDI controller and Ableton Live can make the same material and better, Afrojack can still make people think that EDM is a band. So, for example, the most overplayed song since “Call Me Maybe” gets remixed by the worst thing to ruin Electronic Dance Music since David Guetta, I had to get my hands on this insane debauchery.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” is probably one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. Probably because it has one of the most “unique” music videos ever. Even if you don’t like it, you love it. There’s no escape. At all. Afrojack took PSY’s one-hit wonder and made it it’s bitch. Every song I hear from Afrojack, every remix sounds the same. I just found that out because I live under a rock. No, but there was a time I liked Afrojack and now, there’s little that impresses me now. 

This remix is just sounds bad and just overall doesn’t fit right with me. I am unimpressed and the work before now sounds better than this. Comment if you think otherwise.

Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris is a dancer from Woodbury, NJ who experiments EDM with different styles of dance. His dream is to become a DJ or a back up dancer. He beatboxes, writes his own poetry, and plays basketball in the summer in Wildwood. He is currently a writer for and is Making dat paper anyway he can.