AndDrop! Surprises With “Boogaloo EP” [Review]

In an attempt to branch out a bit and listen to other artists for a change (sorry Zedd, can’t listen to you 24/7 for the rest of my life) I stumbled across the artist known as AndDrop! Yes, the exclamation point is included with the name. Anyway, this group of electro artists is under the Technibeats Records label; and along with that, you can also catch their debut release Boogaloo EP. Interesting name to say the least, and now to find out if the music is just as interesting.

I came across the EP while searching around Beatport for new music. It was under “Top 5 Releases This Week” which has to account for something. Catching my attention, I decided to listen to it and review it regardless of how good it may or may not have been. I was actually surprised with the extended play though, it was surprisingly good. For someone I’ve never heard of before from a label equally unknown astonished me.

AndDrop! has practically no official releases from what I could see (which would make sense as to why I’ve never heard them before) excluding this debut. They created one remix for a compilation album, and the song was called “Flatline (AndDrop! Remix)”. It was released back in the beginning of 2012, so that’s a huge time lapse between releases. Anyway, the trio of tracks within Boogaloo EP are in the following order: “Miles’s Song,” “Boogaloo,” and “Refuge”.

“Miles’s Song” starts off decently, keeping the listener’s ears hooked onto the simple but infectious beat. The build up is good, and the drop that follows it is definitely great. I would have to say that this is my favorite track of all three. “Boogaloo” takes a while to pick up and catch on (if it ever catches on). And when the build up is finished and you reach the drop, it just seems to lack the “wow” factor. “Refuge” just seems like this big club hit that you could see featured at any major party/event.

Regardless, I would definitely recommend getting the EP for its overall quality. You can tell this is the beginning of something just waiting to evolve and become greater than what it is already. AndDrop! has so much potential, and I hope to see more of them throughout the new year with tracks as good as these. And as a side note, the last song featured in this post is the preview/teaser for Boogaloo EP. The others are the three songs in the actual EP.

Link to Boogaloo EP on Beatport

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