Arkasia Rings In The New Year [Dubstep]

“Orchestral dubstep” has been used to describe the music Arkasia creates. Everything from New Born all the way down to his most recent EP, Epilogue. December 17, 2012 marked the release of Epilogue, and what better way to end the year than release something great to the public. Thing is, that wasn’t the sole way the Heavy Artillery Records artist ended the previous year. Arkasia went beyond expectations and decided to release three completely new tracks, free of charge.

“Lost Spirit”, “Reflection”, and “Angel” are the titles of the free releases Arkasia released via SoundCloud. “Angel” features CoMa, who has collaborated with Arkasia before if I do recall correctly. These songs also fall under the category of “orchestral dubstep”, and that’s all fine/dandy of course. The true question that must be answered though, is whether or not any of the songs sound good.

If you have ever listened to a single track from the New Born artist, then you could easily say he makes some amazing tracks. The three that were released free of charge are no different in any way. They still hit as hard as they ever have, and they still have the melodies that are bound to get stuck within your mind. Of course, you don’t need to completely believe me (I sure hope you would though). Listen to the tracks yourself, and leave the determination up to you!

Based on the three complimentary tracks, I would have to say my favorites are a tie between “Angel” and “Lost Spirit”. Both tracks have a heavy sound to them, more so with “Lost Spirit” than “Angel”. Overall though, I would have to say that “Angel” is my favorite of the two. I was hesitant to like the track at first, because I was never a huge fan of CoMa or her vocals. Sure, in this song it isn’t any better, but I really enjoyed the music around the vocals. It practically made the vocals feel like it belonged with the song.

In addition to that, the song was a tribute to Arkasia’s grandmother. And it’s one hell of a tribute if you ask me. You’ll find the links to the tunes at the bottom of the post, and I’ll even throw in the playlist of his free downloads. Includes everything the Heavy Artillery artist has released for no charge thus far. Definitely something worth checking out, especially since it lacks a price.

Download to FREE “Angel” (feat. CoMa)“Reflection”, and “Lost Spirit”

Free Download Playlist via ArkasiaConcept:

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