Avicii’s Next Hit Single Featuring YOU! [News]

First, watch this:

Now maybe I’m a little late to the party, but here’s what seems to be going on: Avicii is crowdsourcing the creation of his next new song to his fans. There’s a few different ways to look at this, and we’ll tackle it from each angle.

First off, I can easily see how this will be misconstrued and misrepresented as Avicii writing so little of his own tracks now that he even has to have his fans pick up the slack for him. As an Avicii fan (yeah sorry, kill me), I highly doubt this is the case. This seems to me to be more of a fun collaborative project to get his fans involved and to create a unique song with an interesting story behind it.

The contest (named ‘Avicii X You‘) started by having fans submit the melody of the song, which is now being voted on by other fans. Next up, he requested his fans to submit the bassline. As someone very familiar with production, I’m wondering how he’s going to put all of these pieces together to make the final track and have it sound decent and professional quality. I think it will turn out to be either a great success, or an utter failure with various pieces of a track that cannot go together and sound awful.

I’m staying positive though, and I’m all for artists trying experiments like this as long as it doesn’t become his production norm. How will it turn out? We still have the beat/rhythm, break, and effects parts yet to be submitted. However it turns out, I’m excited for the results.

Link to the contest website where you can listen, vote, and submit: Avicii X You

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