Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven” Gets an EDM Makeover [House]

I’m sure everybody in the known universe has heard Bruno Mars’ hit song “Locked Out Of Heaven“. I myself wasn’t a big fan of the original, but Beatport has released a pack of some electronic remixes of the tune which are way too awesome to just pass by, and are totally worth a listen. This pack contains some very recognizable names from the industry, and I loved every single remix of the hit pop song featured in this pack. To be honest I think these completely blow the original song out of the water. And “Atlantic Records” really turned some heads with these incredible remixes. Here is my favorite of the four that were released which is the “Sultan & Ned Shepard” remix of the track. 

I think “Sultan & Shepard” really captured this song the best and transformed it into a progressive house anthem flawlessly. But this song pack on Beatport contains four remixes total, all of which shouldn’t be ignored. It features other remixes from “Cazzette“, “Paul Oakenfold” and even a Dubstep remix from “The M Machine“. Cazzette’s remix is also very unique and full of the explosive electro-house elements that Cazzette always naturally brings to the table. I’m also surprised that the “Major Lazer” remix wasn’t added to the pack. Which I think definitely should’ve been because of the amazing Reggae feel that they brought to the tune. The whole track pack minus the Major Lazer remix is available on Beatport. So which remix is your guys favorite? Let us know :]

Josh Vennell is a full-time HVAC technician, and writer for Club Marco from Woodbury,NJ who has been listening to EDM religiously for 3 years. He enjoys skateboarding and you can find him at any big EDM show in the city of Philadelphia.