Calin Introduces Newest EP, “Weekend EP”! [Electro]

Starting off with a little intro to Calin, he hasn’t had too much publicity. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t have too many songs under his own name. Going as far back as 2011, he has been trying to make a name for himself in EDM. His first major release under a record label was Hello Ibiza, where he also worked with Die Hoerer (odd name there). Weekend EP is completely him, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint in any way, shape, or form.

Weekend EP consists of eight tracks total, kind of. There are actually four songs, but there are two versions of each one. The original mix and radio edit, which makes eight songs in total since there four original mixes and radio edits. I definitely like the original mixes better than the radio edits (usually the case for most songs for me). Radio edits always seem to take out essential parts, and while it would still sound good, it feels lacking compared to the original.

Of all eight tracks on the EP, I’ve found a tough competition between two songs. In particular, they are “So Free” and “No More Pain”. After listening to those two tracks entirely a few times, I believe that “So Free” is my favorite of the two. It keeps my attention throughout, and I find myself tapping my foot along with the beat periodically. “No More Pain” is great still, but it kind of loses it for me. There are some aspects where I wish it sounded a bit different. Not taking anything away from Calin’s music approach with “No More Pain”, but “So Free” is my favorite.

 Beatport Link to Weekends EP

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