Crooker’s “Phra” Impressed Me With An Amazing Set! [Concert Review]

Now, I love Crookers! They’re a Italian Electro duo since 2003 and have been working since. Last night, I saw one of my favorite EDM artists of all time and I just felt like it was an honor to see one half of Crookers “Phra” do some work on the Soundgarden Hall stage! Now a little know fact, the concert wasn’t even going to happen. They broke up a couple of weeks ago on their website saying that “Bot was going into a different musical direction which keeps Phra still working on the project.” To this, I was very depressed and saddened by this move. However, Phra asked for the show to go on.

The one thing that kinda concerned me is that the Soundgarden Hall in Philadephia, PA can hold a good 1000 people inside. Also, Crookers are headlining. So, why is there only 75 people to this event? Only 25 percent of the dance floor was taken up and there was dead space. How is that even possible. Crookers is known well from their remixes with Kid Cudi, The Chemical Brothers, Lady GaGa, etc. So, how is there less people to see Crookers? This didn’t ruin the fun night I was awaiting.

So, I get there around 9:30pm and the starters were good. BHB, Nick Catchdubs, etc. It was kinda Halloween themed because people were trying to go out before Hurricane Sandy hit. So, I met up with people in the front when Crookers (Phra) was performing. His opening monologue summed it up saying that he likes “Girls and Beers, Animals, Prostitutes, Salmon, Techno, Beads, Sex, Sex, Sex, and Sex.” Pretty humorous totally opening up to “Dr. Gonzo’s Anthem” perfectly executed.  

Going into the original mix of “Big Booty Bitches” into the 2 Chainz “Birthday Song” remix that just went insane. Blew my freaking mind and I still wanna find it badly! Also, Phra was doing his “Swaggie Dance” which I like to call it. A couple songs later into “Buss Em Up” and to a Trap section which was really interesting when it came to Crookers. Going into some old classic Crookers with “Knobbers” and the “Day N’ Nite” remix with Kid Cudi. Right now so far and so good. Also, shout out to the hype men! They made everything party like and so much fun. It made me appreciate the music as well as having a great time. 

This is going into an old school hip hop intro to a “Somebody That I Use To Know” rap by whoever was on stage. That was fun, and also that turned into “Hummus” which was an amazing moment in the concert! Last song was “We Love Animals” which many people wanted and begged and they got their way and I really felt satisfied at this concert. I felt like Phra made his mark at Soundgarden Hall and was one of my favorite sets I’ve experienced. 

Before he left, I took pictures and got to ask him two questions. One, how do you feel about the break-up between you and Bot? (half of Crookers) He said “I’m fine, he wanted to do his thing, I’ll do mine.” And I asked a really out of the blue question. What is the difference with your sets in America than anywhere else in the world? “It feels more open.” he said. “I feel like it’s more party like but also very appreciative of the music.” Those answers were spot on perfect and I had a great time. Crookers, go see Phra. The one man band man!

Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris is a dancer from Woodbury, NJ who experiments EDM with different styles of dance. His dream is to become a DJ or a back up dancer. He beatboxes, writes his own poetry, and plays basketball in the summer in Wildwood. He is currently a writer for and is making dat paper anyway he can.