ITS OFFICIAL. Le Parisien” a regional newspaper in France have confirmed that “Daft Punk” have left their former record label “EMI” and have officially signed with “Columbia Records” which is a division of “Sony” for their fourth album. This is all absolutely true and confirmed and they are in the process of finalizing a record deal with “Columbia Records.” This will be Daft Punk’s fourth official studio album! The rumors are officially true “Daft Punk” is back! 

We here at Club Marco are some serious Daft Punk fans and are super excited to see what creative ideas the duo has for their very long anticipated studio album. This most likely means that the duo will go on tour, well at least we can hope that they will! :] Everything about this album is pretty much a mystery but Daft Punk have confirmed that they will collaborate with “Nile Rodgers” from the band “Chic” on the album. Which should be a very very interesting collaboration! Considering Nile Rodgers is a very talented and legendary guitar player who has played alongside artists such as “Luther Vandross”. He also is a very legendary producer who has produced music for many famous artists such as “David Bowie”, “Madonna”, and “The B52’s”. 

This album is going to be legendary and Daft Punk has never disappointed before. All 3 of their studio albums were amazing. And everybody knows that Daft Punk is truly the pinnacle of EDM as a whole. The album is set for a spring 2013 release! So now that the rumors are finally put to rest, Who is ready for some Daft Punk!?!?!?


Josh Vennell is a full-time HVAC technician, and writer for Club Marco from Woodbury,NJ who has been listening to EDM religiously for 3 years. He enjoys skateboarding and you can find him at any big EDM show in the city of Philadelphia.