Datsik Uses Major “Firepower” In His Set [Concert Review]

November 2nd, it’s friday and everyone is ready to see the talented “Firepower” crew in action. Big producers such as xKore, Terravita, and the main name of the night Datsik. Soundgarden Hall again in Philadelphia which is a great brand new venue. On a cold night waiting in a big line, the Hall was packed with a bunch of ragers and dubheads from Steez Promo and House of Hearts. Again from 8:30pm to 2:00am, the Soundgarden just lit up with up to 1,000 people in the room jam packed as the fans were ready for some fun.

xKore, who is an 18 year old producer coming out with monster tracks like “Stabs”, “Boom”, and “Everybody Rock” killed his whole set of Dubstep, Trap, and Drum and Bass by playing most of his songs and a selected few of his own favorites. Terravita, with his hits from “The Power of Fire” and his “Teach Me How To Dougie” remix impressed me and he didn’t even play his “Avril 14th” remix (which is my personal favorite out of all his work.)

Datsik, the ultimate attraction that night, dazzled the crowd with his first 10 minutes and it was amazing. Playing all new trap remixes of songs like “Swagga”, “Bonafide Hustler”, “Firepower” and much more I can’t explain. His set consisted of Drumstep and Dubstep, some trap and DnB. A man dressed up as a Teddy bear and other wild party animals came out on stage putting on a show for the people for the music and for the people that were rolling face. If Datsik rolls into your time, don’t hesitate to buy tickets! It was a great show. Next show is this friday with Downlink, Bare, and J Rabbit at Soundgarden Hall. Philly and the House of Hearts do a great job lining up monster performances.

Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris is a dancer from Woodbury, NJ who experiments EDM with different styles of dance. His dream is to become a DJ or a back up dancer. He beatboxes, writes his own poetry, and plays basketball in the summer in Wildwood. He is currently a writer for clubmarco.com and is Making dat paper anyway he can