Dillon Francis’ Headlining Show Disappoints [Concert Review]

After attending Dillon Francis’ headlining show for his tour, Wet and Reckless, at Union Transfer I’m ready for the official review. The show was quite interesting for lack of better words. Here’s what I mean.

Union Transfer

First and foremost, the event was lesser than anticipated. For what I expected, it was disappointing. I don’t believe that the location was great. Union Transfer is, first of all, in a less than perfect area. I’m not normally picky, but I am going to be for now. I can complain about the location all I want but it won’t change a thing. If you’re not the type that cares about location, this is one for you.

The Sound

Well… Everyone likes bass, right? Wrong, I’m don’t- at least this amount of bass. I’m an advocate of unity. I’m a sound guy and if something sounds “muddy” my OCD goes into affect. I felt as though I should have fixed that. I love bass and if my bones can rattle, I want even more bass. But this was unacceptable. On songs familiar to me, I was repulsed to hear (or rather not) nearly anything above 80Hz. Repulsive.

The Crowd

An all ages event was a bad choice. Mind you, I hate children. Myself and anyone over 18 had an awful time as a result. Nearly every 12 year old who ever heard of Skrillex was in attendance. Not surprisingly, their behaviour followed- deplorable  If you go to any rave, for your best interests, make sure it’s a +18 or (even better) +21 event. That’s the last time I ever make that mistake.

The Show

Opening acts. Need I say more? They open for a reason- they’re not ready for a headline in a show. In understand that all artists start somewhere, but this was annoying to me. If Dillon and the two opening acts, Clockwork and Baauer, had equal time I’d be fine with that. However, when Dillon performed it was for maybe an hour and a half. I honestly don’t know because I wasn’t keeping tabs on the time. But I know for a fact that the two opening acts performed for far longer than that of Dillon.

Dillon’s Performance

Short is one word for it. Annoying is another. I’m almost positive that I heard Bootleg Fireworks about three times. It’s Dillon’s equivalent to Avicii’s Levels. The set, as a whole, was decent- I guess. It was just alright- “meh” if you will.

Overall, a mediocre event to which I was glad that I only paid $22 to get in. I didn’t like the location, because I’m stuck up like that. I didn’t like the crowd because I hate children with a deep, burning passion. I’m not sure if Union Transfer is the place for you if you’re like me and hate children.  I would recommend Sound Garden Hall if you want a nice atmosphere with a good group of people.  [I] Hope this helps in your decision for the next show you go to.

A former hot air balloon traveling salesman, Cory has spent his years curating various instruments from various tribes of Cuh-Nay-Dee-Uhns. Now, Cory spends his time writing for Club Marco…..and hunting the rare Skrillicus Hipsticius. Rejoice, for koala now are controlling mankind.