EDM + Rock: The Perfect Combination? [Opinion]

Before moving on to electronic music, I always had my interests in the genre of rock. Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Skillet were some of my all-time favorites, to mention a few. I listen to those bands to this day as a matter of fact, since I practically grew up with them during my teenage years. EDM has been wonderful to experience, the beats and melodies with each song attract my attention in different ways. So combining my two favorite genres is completely mind blowing in my opinion.

I suppose it’s arguable that drum & bass could be considered something similar to the two genres combining into one. I would argue for that as well, but I believe there’s a division from drum & bass and an electronic rock fusion. Celldweller, Blue Stahli, and Voicians are good examples. I’d even throw in Pendulum and say they create both types of music (drum & bass and electronic rock; and I believe I’m gonna get some heat for writing that).

Regardless, you can’t argue with Celldweller or Blue Stahli. I’ve covered Celldweller in the recent year when he created a klash-up of two tracks for Halloween. If you checked it out, you would catch the overall message of what I’m attempting to convey here, in how the combo of the two styles is amazing as displayed with the little klash-up. Blue Stahli is also a great example, with tracks such as “ULTRAnumb” and “Kill Me Every Time”. I have to admit that the culmination of both types of music creates something awesome beyond anything else.

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