Ephixa Leads The Way To Controversy [News]

Assuming you follow Ephixa and/or Deadmau5 on Facebook or Twitter, then I assume you see the controversy Ephixa has attempted to create for himself. Seems like this week has been the worst for the supposed former Monstercat artist, and there’s definitely reason for that. Looking further into Ephixa’s latest statuses displays a lot about what’s been going on. Hell, he’s been causing arguments among the fan base he’s created over the years of being a producer.

All the problems for the artist seemed to arise when he displayed a picture of him seeding a torrent. The torrent he seeded was his own work, and as you could assume, this wouldn’t go well with any record label. Everything seemed to go downhill from there, and now numerous allegations flow through the web about what exactly is going on with Ephixa. Rumors thrown around include him taking drugs, getting kicked out of Monstercat, and now attempting to start a problem with Deadmau5 himself.

First, to try and put his problems with Monstercat into perspective. In addition to the problems that took shape from his torrent stunt, he also received an email from Monstercat that read:

“Hi James,

Our next official meeting will be with our lawyers or a litigator if we cannot come to an agreeable decision. I would however like to let you know that we have had multiple people approach us about your actions lately. You are embarrassing yourself.

I do not want to continue receiving messages from fans, supporters, and partners asking if you have gone insane. You are only further proving our point that you are not capable of taking on a serious role in the company.

I spent much of last week discussing with the guys what roles (if any roles) you could be involved in. This latest ‘troll everyone’ campaign has lost my support.

Best wishes,”

Ah, seems like Monstercat is pretty enraged about whatever it is Ephixa is doing. Well, was doing, if the rumor of him being kicked out of Monstercat is true. Also, Going Quantum was mentioned by the artist as well, saying “…Just wait till you find out what they did to Going Quantum lol” which seems to make an interesting story in itself… As for the allegations of him taking drugs, I wouldn’t be able to prove or disprove that. But rumors will be rumors, and people will believe whatever they want.

Finally moving on to probably the most interesting topic of discussion, this random feud that he wants to start with Deadmau5. It started with Ephixa saying, “@deadmau5 Who’s the internet DJ now bitch?” and both started going at it. However, Deadmau5 didn’t seem to take much part in this small battle, kind of leaving it alone. Sure he decided to go after Ephixa as well, but it all seemed to die down. And so the supposed former Monstercat’s endeavors to do whatever he had hoped failed.

Perhaps we’ll see much more of Ephixa around social media. I’m not sure what is precisely going on, however I know for a fact that Monstercat and Ephixa are having some type of issues together. So, a side note for this post. To add some music, I have flooded the entire post with songs created by Ephixa in honor of this entire thing being about him.

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  • Carl Newmann

    Are you dumb? Ephixa is the co-founder and CEO of Monstercat and he did not get kicked out. He was upset with how Mike was running things, saying that he was changing Monstercat too fast. Do some research next time rather than speculating based on rumors.

    • FreeThinker

      Just because he is stating that he is the “CEO” doesn’t mean he actually is. I think he has lost his mind to be honest

      • Miguel “Ortizmi”

        I don’t think Ephixa’s really lost his mind. He seems pretty different, but I don’t think he’s lost his mind. Besides, even if he has, I still believe he has some great music out. And as long as he keeps making that music, I still have respect for him.

        • MrMuffinKnight

          “Monstercat has never had a CEO. We operate as a series of founders who work together.”-Monstercatmedia
          They never had a CEO.

          • Zem

            Even if they did have a CEO, it’s not like they control everything or even own the company. CEO’s can be fired just as easily as the guy at the very bottom.

    • Miguel “Ortizmi”

      Dan Sir Dan is right, I clarified everything on another post about Ephixa. This was the post pertaining to the first day of this “controversy”. And a day later everything was cleared up more.

    • George Boumphrey

      Are you dumb? How about you research? He didn’t co-found or was he CEO, he was just a producer that went bat-shit crazy.

  • Dan Sir Dan

    He did redeem himself when he posted another Ephixa post clarifying what actually happening. So, no. He’s not dumb, just curious sir.

  • Terry

    He’s a shit producer anyways, not sure how or why he even has a fan base in the first place.

    • Zem

      Dubstep and many kinds of EDM have evolved since he was producing music. i
      If you listen to a dubstep track from 2011, then listen to a dubstep track that’s a bit more recent, you will notice a huge difference. Ephixa was a legend IMO, he helped start one of the greatest EDM labels (Monstercat).

    • Bob

      Dude go listen to that shitty nursery rhyme bullshit you listen to then

  • Spoderman123