Flux Pavilion Answers Questions From Reddit! [News]

In the past hour on Reddit, Dubstep superstar Flux Pavilion has been answering questions to his fans or whatever hipster wants to down his music. This is probably a way to promote his new album “Blow The Roof”, which has been doing amazingly! He is answering as many questions he can. He started at 2PM today and I don’t know if he’s ever gonna stop (I made a joke.) This is also a new thing for Reddit where they ask Celebrities to let fans ask them anything!

Some of the questions are stupid but some of them are down right awesome. For example, here are some of my favorite questions asked so far:

Q: “What is your opinion of the trap movement?”

Flux:“I’m really into it. I was always a fan of the sound but this recent resurgence has acted as the catalyst to the creation of some pretty unique stuff. Further bridging the gap between hip hop and dance music, which is pretty exciting i reckon.”

Q: “Whats the origin of your name?”

Flux: “There are many different explanations i have come up with over the years. But quite simply it just popped up out of a conversation i had with Doctor P when i was 14. and it just stuck. I was told a few times when i first started that no one would ever remember it and i should change it. But im pretty glad i didn’t.”

Q: What has been your biggest inspiration through your musical journey?

Flux: “I’ve never really felt like i’ve fit in anywhere since when i was a kid, I always kinda floated about and just hung out with people who were interested in writing music. I suppose i’ve never really worked out my identity other than in my music. It gave me a reason to be proud of myself, and even though its nothing tangible, self worth has been a big inspiration for getting myself out there and putting all that I’ve got into my work. I have always thought, if I’m creating something, even if it isn’t good, as long as I’m happy with it i have a reason to exist. More of a life journey than a musical journey i suppose, but in my current life i think it counts for the same.”

He answered a lot of questions so far and I think he is still going! 

Check it out on Reddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/17krdr/i_am_flux_pavilion_ama/

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