Flux Pavilion in the Trap with “OneTwoThree” [Review]

Flux Pavilion is at it with a track fresh from his new EP “Blow the Roof“. Joshua Steele, an english dub-step producer,  that released a new single for the fans earlier today under the name “OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)” through Soundcloud. The track is free to download as of now and you can pick it up at the link below. In my personal view, dub-step is planning on doing a merger with trap and rap styled beats. 2013 mainstream electronic music is looking to be floating towards the world in the “Trap“.

Trap beats have been making some headway in the EDM scene lately incorporating hip-hip, dub step, hardstyle, and other sub genres of electronic music.  Flux Pavilion’s new project seems to be popping on this scene like many EDM artists are producing these days.  It’s not a bad thing that we hear these artists creating popular works; however, it’s the artist adding their own personal signature to the breaking genre. We hear Flux’s signature LFO wobbles and other recognizable sounds that fans have heard from in the past couples years. Though this stuff is not crazy with your everyday internet samples and rolling hi-hats, it is pretty clear that there is trap influence here.

Trap music gives more of a thug dance feel, that seems to give people living in my area, a raging bass boner.  After listening to this track, I define this tune as trap gold and am definitely excited for the rest of “Blow the Roof” to drop. Pick up the beat yourself and give Flux a whirl.

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