Hucci Has A Nice Sound For The Future Of Trap [Opinion]

Only 16 years old, Trap artist Hucci is ripping the game up with precision and sound. He resides in Brighton, UK and works with FL Studio to make his songs. His artwork looks spot on professional and his music sounds so hard and well, that you would think he’s signed. Well, with many singles like “Roll It Up” and his newest song “Phoenix” which has a nice ring to it.

His newest EP Novacane has been doing especially well, packed with 9 songs. His style is much different than any other Trap producer out there. My favorites are “Ball So Hard” with Stooki Sound and “Swerve” which has samples from Kanye West’s “Mercy” in it. Now, some of the songs are slightly repetitive in a way but still solid Trap tracks.

His remix of “Angels” by The XX and his rendition of “House Party” by Meek Mill are also amazing tracks and I would suggest looking this young trap star up!

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