HULK’S “BarrywhiteStep” Is Super Sexy! [Dubstep]

Dubstep Duo HULK are coming into the scene with fresh sound and sick beats. They specialize in Dubstep and Trap and they are pretty solid, with releases almost every week, it’s really impressive what they do. This one caught my eye because it combined two things I like, Barry White and Dubstep (it’s in the name.)

The song “BarrywhiteStep” is a pretty cool track and up for a free download on HULK’s Soundcloud. It has the sample from Barry White’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” with a nice Dubstep flow to it and I just love it! The song is just makes it sexier, honestly! The sampling is used pretty well and it drops hard than when you step on a Lego barefoot. That stuff hurts! 

Check it out and HULK’s other great tracks!

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