Kill Paris Is A Sound Nice To The Ears [Dubstep]

Corey Baker (Kill Paris) is a very talented producer from LA who uses his love for RnB and combines it with DnB and Dubstep. It’s a nice sound overall, I enjoy it and it’s not heavy like most Dubstep. It’s pleasant to the ears and he shows good sampling technique when he produces. He has remixed Lana Del Rey, Monsta, Nelly Furtado, and has produced along side Dillon Francis! 

My personal favorite from Kill Paris is “I Wish You Loved Me” because it has that certain groove that hit me the first time I listened to it. Also, the sample to actual production ratio is spot on perfect, showing his true talent and letting the original ride out, too. 

Another song I really like is “Tender Love” because of the slow dance type feel it brings, also the sound of it has that straight 1990’s RnB anthem sound to it. The beat is nice and just perfection from Kill Paris.

The one thing I admire about Kill Paris is that he makes music for music sake. Most of his original work is on his SoundCloud for free! His music is so good, that you will need to get it. Check him out!

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