Kill The Noise’s “Black Magic” Is Magical [Review]

OSWLA’s own Kill The Noise is taking the EDM game by storm, using different type of element to make Complextro, Dubstep, Drumstep, and now including Trap. “Black Magic” is his new gem of an EP and what can I say? It’s fantastic. How it was done and more variety nonetheless. I have been running this EP on repeat and cranking up the volume. There’s Feed Me, Brillz, Evan Duffy! EVAN DUFFY, AWARD WINNING PIANIST EVAN DUFFY! I was ready for this, I had to put on NotePad and take my notes out if I was critiquing such an artist. 

Before we start,  I saw Kill The Noise open up for 12th Planet and he had a solid set. He is actually headlining for the OSWLA Tour on November 17th  in Philadelphia at the TLA. Kill The Noise, Seven Lions, and Birdy Nam Nam will be bringing the house down. Now, it took me a while to think over this review but it was pretty obvious why I wanted to go over this massive EP. 

“Roots” was KTN’s first EP and I find it very funny that even though that EP was a solid Electro House masterpiece, he changed his whole sound from that to the gritty and priceless Dubstep and Complextro he made in “Kill Kill Kill.” Now, the only problem was the remixes. Dan, whatchu sayin’? Well, I like the remixes, love the remixes, adore the remixes but the remixes messed up my train of thought with the whole EP. I couldn’t think straight where the most downloaded song is Dillon Francis’ remix of “Kill The Noise (Part 1).” It was suppose to be about Kill The Noise and it was and they made that clear with “Black Magic” 

1. Black Magic (Kill The Noise, Part II) 9/10

Oh please, tell me that I rate too high. No. This is true amazement when someone can open Drumstep with Opera. OPERA! Yeah, the 40 seconds pass and opens up a great world of KTN styled Drumstep loving every second of it. The Opera sings “Kill The Noise” in the nicest most beautiful way. This song has a good fast break which I love. I really like this but like Part I of “Kill The Noise”, I wanted it a little longer like it’s original.

2. Jump Ya Body (feat. Mercedes) 8/10

Kinda like the ‘Bonfire” Dubstep song but pretty solid. Has the rasta theme to it and wants you to jump, it doesn’t impress me that much but it isn’t the main point or the main song. I heard this at Datsik and on speakers, it sounds amazing. Also, the vocals are fun, its a fun song for this EP.

3. Rockers 7.5/10

This one doesn’t go as hard as the other songs but its a great blend of Electro and Dubstep and I find it decent. It’s not a standout track but it’s an okay song.

4. Mosh It Up: 10/10

I was waiting for this song to come out. Now, my favorite song off of Skrillex’s Bangarang is “Right On Time” and I loved the fast tempo, the intensity and thought that song should’ve been the standout track. So, KTN made “Mosh It Up”, a Hard style-ish Trap song that blows my time. I love Trap music and just this song in general is perfect. The intensity and the power is there and I find it so addictive. It will make you dance and this is definitely my favorite song on this EP!

5. Thumbs Up (feat. Feed Me) 9/10

KTN and Feed Me are killer seperately and together, they make some of the best collabs I ever witness. For example, 2 years ago, Kill The Noise on Feed Me’s Big Adventure made Muscle Rollers and that song still goes harder than any other song out right now. This song “Thumbs Up” has a Moombahton/Drumstep style to it and feels like “One-Click Headshot” to me but it goes way more monumental! This song is also one of my favorites on this EP! I never have a problem whenever these guys come together, they never disappoint! Great song! There is also a free download on OSWLA’s Soundcloud with this song on it:

6. Saturn (Feat. Brillz and Minxx) 8.5/10

Brillz (part of Mad Decent) is a great Trap producer. He did a remix of KTN’s “Roots” and killed it. This is actually an Electro House song which is weird because I wouldn’t find this Brillz style but when he collabs with Kill The Noise, nothing bad can happen. This song is really well done and the vocals blend in nicely with the beat of the song. It’s a little “Veldt”-ish but its fine overall. 

7. To Be Continued (feat. Evan Duffy) 10/10

Spoiler Alert: This is not EDM. It’s actually a pianist. Trolled you. No, this song is really a perfect way to end this well done EP. This is spotless and his work is amazing. He blends chords from “Kill The Noise (Part I AND II) He does a well job hitting each key with precision and makes this very remixable (but trust me, if you remix this, I’ll kill you.) Why? Because this song is magic. Irony. No but this is a really amazing piece leading you on to more to come. Telling you that “Kill The Noise will never die” which is a great thing. Perfect song to end the EP.

Overall, I give this EP an 93. A. Great listen and very unique in a way. You can really see Kill The Noise transform into more than just a producer. More like an artist. “Black Magic” is a must get!

 Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris is a dancer from Woodbury, NJ who experiments EDM with different styles of dance. His dream is to become a DJ or a back up dancer. He beatboxes, writes his own poetry, and plays basketball in the summer in Wildwood. He is currently a writer for and is Making dat paper anyway he can.

  • Chris Blachewicz

    I’m a huge fan of Kill the Noise, but don’t like this EP at all. I don’t know about this award winner Duffy (can’t find anything on him except Facebook and Soundcould), but his playing of “To be continued” is terrible. It sounds like it’s programmed by computer and not played by a person at all. I highly doubt he’s a professional piano player.

    Overall, instead of expanding on the winning formula from the first album (well composed and slightly spooky dubstep with Jarresque keyboards) he’s trying to do something else with every track. Because of this lack of focus he fails at each of them. I hope the next one is going to go somewhere.

    • Montelco

      Well actually Evan Duffy is a Youtube famous pianist famous for his cover of popular EDM songs. He’s not professional. He plays everything by ear. However the remark about a “programmed” sound is because he records using MIDI into Cubase 7.

      See here:

      You’d be surprised at how well rounded this guy is. I myself am a piano player and I was thoroughly impressed, partly because of his attention to detail and ability to translate the song into a beautiful piano cover.

  • Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris

    The next one will probably be an album (hopefully) and Evan Duffy hasn’t won an Oscar for a score or a Grammy but he is a good pianist and producer. Soundcloud right here Also, I just love how every song was different because he just didn’t do one sub-genre. Sure, I can see why you find it bad, but there are some great factors to the EP. It was terrible. I find it very interesting why you hate it. I thought people wanted variety from him. Also, thank you for actually taking the time and commenting. It means a lot to us and it makes us look at it differently!

  • Grammarlord

    It’s spelled OWSLA.