Knife Party Debuts ‘Power Glove’ [Free Download] [Electro]

During Knife Party’s recent set, they dropped a few unreleased goodies for us to enjoy. One track in particular ‘Power Glove’ has been shamelessly ripped in its entirety, and made available for download for the rest of us courtesy of Your EDM. Thanks guys! icon biggrin Knife Party Debuts ‘Power Glove’ [Free Download] [Electro]

You can listen and download here:

To hear Knife Party’s full set (also featuring Krewella, xCore, and Protohype), you can listen here:

On a side note, I absolutely love Knife Party’s graphic design on their logos and album art. Perhaps a future post will be written on it icon smile Knife Party Debuts ‘Power Glove’ [Free Download] [Electro] 

What do you think of ‘Power Glove’ and the other Knife Party’s other new tracks? Drop a comment and let us know!

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