Knife Party Plays New ‘ID’ In Live UK Set [Electro]

Check it out here:

Rip courtesy of  Max Mayeri, thanks!

Since we have so little Knife Party coverage lately here on Club Marco, I felt the need to share this new live set rip with you. Supposedly ripped from their recent Bedlam, Bournemouth set in the UK, here’s two minutes of a new Knife Party track in the making. Could it possibly be from their rumored next EP?

I’m not sure what it is about it, but it doesn’t feel very Knife Party to me or seem to fit into their usual style. It feels a bit more like progressive house than their typical harder electro/dubstep material. I definitely enjoyed the track though, and love all this new Knife Party material coming out. At this point the track is untitled, but heavy usage of a vocal sample saying “Smackdown” leads me to believe this might be the title of the future track. 

Any other guesses?

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