Leaving EP: Skrillex’s Worst One Yet? [Debate]


Skrillex has decided to attempt to put himself back on the map by secretly releasing his newest EP to people who subscribed to OWSLA.  The release in question is entitled Leaving EP, the latest released from Sonny Moore. While there’s no question it was released, there’s a heated debate between two writers for Club Marco. One argues how terrible it is (Miguel “Ortizmi” Ortiz), while the other defends it with everything he has (Dan DiRugeris). With this, there has been an impasse.

January 2, 2013 marks the official release of the extended play, and since then there’s been controversy around it. Why does it sound different? Where are the signature “wubs” we’ve come to love (or hate) about Skrillex? How come everything sounds so calming and smoother than normal? Well, those questions were essentially the same in a nutshell, all dealing with the “new” sound of Skrillex. Enter the debate between two Club Marco writers.

Miguel “Ortizmi” Ortiz:

Skrillex could easily be called one of the well-known artists in the electronic music industry, whether you like him or not. Sometimes I feel as though I’m the only one around who still stands to defend Skrillex and the music he creates. With each passing day though, it gets more difficult to stand for Sonny Moore. There a few reasons why it becomes harder to defend the well-known dubstep artist: not much has been released since his remix with Nero on Monsta’s “Holdin’ On,” and when he does finally come out with something, it doesn’t meet any good standards. Leaving EP, has to be one of the worst works of Skrillex to date, and it’s the main reason why standing up for Skrillex has become a problem.

“The Reason,” “Scary Bolly Dub,” and “Leaving” are the only tracks featured on the EP. The fact that only three tracks were provided wasn’t a huge deal for me, at least he had released an EP (which took over a year since Bangarang). My main argument here is that the three tracks were awful, and I truly mean that. You come across Skrillex’s discography which ultimately leads up to this failed experiment. Sure it wasn’t released to the whole public, only people who were in “The Nest” (subscription service for OWSLA) but that doesn’t make his name any better. Listening to music like this under the OWSLA just had me in shock for the majority of the time.

We’ve all come to recognize Skrillex’s certain type of sound, it’s what makes him a huge hit among fans (and widely hated among other people). His trademark sound is absent from the entire thing, which somewhat disappoints. However, I would be fine with his music even if there wasn’t the signature “wub” somewhere within. If the music was good, I would instantly tell you that. Problem is, it lacked in impressing me with the completely new sound. I’ve been hearing these excuses from other hardcore fans of the dubstep artist, including things like this being an experiment. Experimenting with music is understandable, seeing as every artist does it some time during their career.

Sadly, this will be under his official discography forever. For me, it’ll be the thirteen minutes (the length of all songs in Leaving EP combined) that I always wish I could have back. “The Reason” was debatably decent. The beginning of the track doesn’t really do it for me, where I feel could be better. I will admit that it picks up slightly following it, but then drops the ball again and loses me. “Scary Bolly Dub” is just a culmination of past tunes from Skrillex. I can hear influences from “Make It Bun Dem,” “Fucking Die,” and “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.” Honestly, this is the best track on the entire EP. Problem is it’s just a mash up of historic tracks he’s created before (minus Make It Bun Dem, I didn’t like that one at all).

Lastly is “Leaving” which is the most depressing of them all (also named the worst on the EP in my opinion). It seems so incredibly simple, just these depressing sounds with the word “leaving” being repeated continuously with different tones. While it remains to be one of the most calming songs I have ever heard (Skrillex making tranquil music, that’s insane) I can’t say I like it. Like I mentioned before, the beat is so incredibly simple. In a way I feel as though the song is haunting and eerie, from the repeating vocals. Slightly creepy if I’m perfectly honest with you.

Ultimately, Leaving EP is probably the worst Skrillex has offered as of late. Luckily, this shouldn’t be the permanent sound for Sonny. You’ve probably seen the quote millions of times, and if you haven’t then here you go: “I made ‘Leaving’ in my hotel room in Mexico and just finished ‘The Reason’ an hour ago in my hotel room in Miami. I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now.” Hopefully Skrillex will feel better, and continue doing what he’s doing. Here’s hoping the next release is the best ever.

Daniel “Dan Sir Dan” DiRugeris:

I agree with Miguel that Skrillex is one of the well-known names of EDM. When someone hear’s a Skrillex song, it’s has it’s own style and an universal language in his music. Songs from Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites to Bangarang, he keeps raising the bar on what is up with dubstep in particular. He, alone has some of the highest ground that other producers don’t have.

We can also say that sometimes, Skrillex has some dark times (don’t talk about the “Levels” remix) and we all know that. Honestly, I don’t care. A producer can make a lazy move sometimes, even though he did it because Avicii told him too. Write this down: never turn down Avicii.

Anyway, this is about the Leaving EP he released. Wait, he released it? No, he released it to the people who have a subscription to “The Nest”, OWSLA’s way to give back to their fans with sample packs, tour dates, and so many other goodies. Why does Miguel hate this so much (maybe he’s a weiner) and why does he down it as the “worst”?

I actually find it the most interesting out of all the EP’s he’s released in the past 3 years. I found that his material was pretty well done and quite groundbreaking bringing back a bunch of feels a had listening to guys like Boards of Canada, Burial, Aphex Twin, most of the post rock I listen to and so much more.

Funny because on Skrillex’s twitter, he stated that “my new EP is a mesh of many things, shout out to Aphex Twin and Burial for inspiring me to make these tracks.” So, it has an huge experimental realm to it. Love. With experimental music, you have no room for error because it’s basically free form. So, why take that away from an artist? Everything isn’t perfect but it blends in so nicely and he did it in a IDGAFOS way!

Examples: “Scary Bolly Dub” is somewhat an old unreleased track back early last year and he never released to until he finalized it for this EP.  It’s also simple Skrillex at his finest! I hear a way better blended version of “Fucking Die” from the first EP and Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites. In no way, shape or form, do I hear “Make It Bun Dem”! One of Skrillex’s outlandish songs! I hear good production, solid sampling and amazing bass quality!

With “The Reason” (which is my favorite out of the EP, you hear much influences from Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, which he thanks in every release of his works. This song is set at 100BPM so a nice complextro/drumstep speed. Has amazing mastering and just an awesome rhythm to this piece. At least, he agrees with that!

Last song is “Leaving” is when that hit me. The influences streamed out of my headphones and a “With You, Friends (Long Drive)” vibe was lingering around it which blend well nicely. I love this song because of the risk he took making this song. Yeah, many people don’t like it but it will be a well-talked about song in the future, looking back on Skrillex’ production ability. I find it beautiful and it just speaks to me.

Skrillex is making a lot of groundbreaking music and he has raised the bars again, my friends. He has done it in a more accepting way. Sure, I find this EP amazing and well done, I find this EP well, emotional. You’ve seen Skrillex grown as an artist and just seeing all the cool things he has done for EDM for the better. Seeing him now after this “release” (Beatport, have you released the Leaving EP to the users yet? No!) I find him doing better than ever. (How about iTunes, Spotify, Napster, no! Well, Pirate Bay has it!) This EP is a great find! Just get it however you can!


Two sides, two very intriguing arguments to be had. I’ve seen a lot of people out there calling these works something spectacular and utterly memorable. While I have also seen others siding with “Ortizmi” naming it something awful in the electronic industry. Sure the battle has begun, but whose side are you on?


Comment and share your opinion on this matter, assisting either side.

Miguel “Ortizmi” Ortiz is the senior writer/editor for the Club Marco team. Named the very first writer, Ortizmi has renowned his writing skills by writing for his own separate blog, Indie Game Hub. Writing this much has to have some of its advantages, right?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s the 6 foot 5 Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris from Woodbury, NJ! This dancer/raver/blogger/DJ/promoter is trying to make it big and loves EDM til the day he dies (or when he suddenly becomes deaf.) He writes to voice his opinion and one day, he wishes to be a hype man or producer. Whatever tickles his fancy!

  • Ross

    Daniel is right. Miguel has just become one of those people that fust because they don’t hear any wubwub they automatically hate the music. This is one of my favorite if not my favorite of the Skrillex EPs

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  • Pablo

    This article is so shit. The author is an idiot.

  • Nat the Brat

    All I really got from the first guy was “skirllez not dubsetp loud bass anymoar – suxxxx naow” [sic, all sic]