Mars’ Future Sounds of the 80s [Review]

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I’ll be honest, I never would have found Mars without Stephane Deschezeaux.  Stephane had published something and I happened to see that it was on Mars’z new EP, Future Sounds of 80s.  After listening to the EP (three songs in all) for about an hour I decided that it was worthy of a review.  Mars finds his inspirational roots in the Satin Jackets,a German Nu-Disco Duo, and boy does it show.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the EP.

All You Need | 8.9/10

Smooth and Stylish- those are two words that can describe what’s going on in this song.  I can understand why Springbok signed Mars now.  His style is very smooth and it really differentiates himself from Stephane and the others at Springbok.  Using the same sample that Zomboy’s used in many of his songs was also a very nice touch.  The original sample is very smooth and blends perfectly into this song.  Overall, I thought that the simplicity of the song was great.  It had just enough for a listener.  No one can get lost in the song because of how perfectly bare it is.  A great song, overall.

Smooth Electric | 9.2/10

This song is a subtle and compliments the sounds of both All You Need and its remix cousin.  Smooth Electric is a track that really puts a Nu Disco vibe to the EP and really contrasts the songs that precede and proceed from  it.  The style is very Disco/House in its nature.  The slapped bass gives way to the classicism of the Nu Disco.  The club background noise was also a nice touch in the song.  Overall, very good and solid in the intended style.  It fully met all expectations that I was holding it to.  Once again, it was incredibly minimal as well as encompassing the full Nu Disco and Indie Dance styles that are delineated by Mars and the others on this EP.

All You Need (Remix) feat. Stephane Deschezeaux and Bernard Formichelli | 9.1/10

Similar to its original, this remix of All You Need is the full embodiment of Springbok Records’ talent.  This remix displays the style of Stephane and Bernard very well.  The two really allow the music to consume them and take the song to a level that wasn’t originally heard while still maintaining every perfect, flawless portion of the song.  Overall, the song is well made.  I rated the remix slightly higher than the original because of how well it was composed while maintaining the integrity of the song as a whole.

Overall, Future Sound of 80s is a great EP.  If you take interest in Nu Disco, Indie Dance, or even French House, this EP is one to add to your collection.  Future Sound of 80s receives a final sub-score of about 9.1. With that said, it’s totally worth the $5.99.  At three songs strong, this EP is a quick listen but will have you going back for more.  

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