Mighty Mau5 Wedding? [News]

For those of you following either @Deadmau5 or @TheKatVonD then shances are you’ve been subject to their deep love for each other.  But tonight the man behind the ‘mau5, Joel Zimmerman, struck a-new- proposing to his girlfriend, Miami Ink/LA Ink star, Katherine Von Drachenburg.


The couple’s relationship began over the summer/early fall months and quickly developed into something more than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship- this was for real.  Joel’s proposing to “Kat” was certainly unexpected in the timing, yet was completely expected in the broad spectrum of things.  While the engagement of the two isn’t “official” yet (see tweet), Von Drachenburg did say yes.  However, her ring will be following.

From the team at Club Marco, we wish Joel and Kat the best of luck in their (soon-to-be) marriage.

A former hot air balloon traveling salesman, Cory has spent his years curating various instruments from various tribes of Cuh-Nay-Dee-Uhns. Now, Cory spends his time writing for Club Marco…..and hunting the rare Skrillicus Hipsticius. Rejoice, for koala now are controlling mankind.