Milen Creates Amazing Trance In “Timezone EP” [Trance]

Good trance music isn’t too hard to come by. Normally it’s a calming tune that basically allows you to fall asleep so simply. Honestly, falling asleep to trance is one of the greatest things to do (really, you should try it right now). Anyway, I find it semi-difficult to find bad trance music. Each individual artist has their own style for the genre, but I could easily call every trance song good and mean it. Milen, however, shows much potential and greatness within his trance music.

Milen started releasing his own original work under a label this year, starting in June as a matter of fact. The AWJ Recordings artist hasn’t released much under the record label, although it’s definitely a start that will further his career as a producer. Timezone EP is his newest release, and I highly believe that it’s better than his first EP released under AWJ Recordings (his first EP under this label was called Back To London EP).

Timezone EP consists of four tracks, all of them being original work by Milen himself. There are no artists that are featured, and there are absolutely no remixes here (not that I’m against them). Now, I realize that the cover for the EP isn’t exactly all that great. As a matter of fact, it appears so simple and easy to make. The tracks contained within however, tell a different story. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or in this case, an EP by its cover.

My favorite song from the whole thing would have to be a tie between “Blackout” and “Last Minute”. The song “Blackout” feels a little more upbeat to me, maintaining this sound as if it belongs in a club. “Last Minute” is up there because I like the frantic feeling it gives. I feel as though the track definitely deserves a spot in an action movie. It could be completely implemented some way. When it comes down to it though, my favorite track is probably “Blackout”.

Beatport link to Timezone EP:

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