Nicky Romero And Avicii Release Final Mastered Version Of “I Could Be The One (NickTim)” [House]

FINALLY! This morning “Avicii” and “Nicky Romero” released the final version of “I Could Be The One” which was formerly called “NickTim“. But the name was changed because of the new and improved vocals added to the track.  This original track “NickTim” was first previewed in “November 2011” and has been awaiting an official release ever since. Many people prefer the original “NickTim” instrumental being mashed up with the song “D.A.N.C.E” by “Justice” and a lot of fans prefer the original “NickTim” instrumental. In my opinion I think the new vocals make the song better than ever, and that this is in fact my favorite version of the infamous Avicii/Romero tune. 

Not only is the new track improved with beautiful vocals over the already breathtaking original instrumental, the music video is also very interesting and its difficult to stop watching. This song is now available for purchase on Beatport and was released on Avicii’s “LE7ELS” record label. And for those who prefer the original “NickTim” it is included in the pack for sale on beatport along with two remixes by “Audrio” and “Didrick“. The whole track pack is $12.45 on Beatport so don’t hesitate to buy it and support the “Progressive House” prodigy himself “Avicii“.