Nokia & deadmau5 ‘This is Lumia’ Light Show in London [News]

The streets are dark. The hustle and bustle of city nightlife in Flat Iron Square, London appeared as normal as any other night. Little did crowds know, something quite “Mau5y” was about to happen. Deadmau5 and Nokia have teamed up again turning the giant city center into a colorful, strobing musical instrument. Spectators watched in aw as every inch of street and building lit up the night sky. The whole square was rigged up like a giant EQ meter while things like street cones, trash cans, and street lights glowed as if they where an instrument played by Zimmerman. See for yourself! The video below captures a stunning show and other highlights from the live set.

@nokia_uk tweeted: “Amazing gig. Amazing light show! Time for us to go and celebrate with @deadmau5 #switch”

The event ‘This is Lumia‘ was to unveil two new smart phones by Nokia. These phones really are their own show and come in stunning design that will make you illuminate brighter than the rest of the crowd. The Nokia Lumia 820 is a quality smart phone, delivering high performance in a little package. It also comes with an exchangeable shell design that allows you to customize it to your liking.  The Nokia Lumia 920 is Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 smart phone which includes the latest advances in Nokia’s PureView imaging innovation. This allows for the camera lens to capture more light in dark places giving cleaner and more memorable nightlife pictures. It is a perfect phone to go out on the town with. 

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