PLUR – The Movie [News]

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Millions are hopping on the train and millions are making ridiculous amounts of money off the culture. A basis and general guideline in the scene is the message of peace, love, unity, and respect. The phenomenon, supposedly first coined by DJ Frankie Bones, is reaching out to the next generation with “Plur“, a feature-length film following one 18-year-old dj’s rise to stardom. This movie is all about the revolution that is happening in our midst. And when I say revolution. I mean it.

Around the world, every weekend, people find themselves going to crazy light shows, music events, and festivals that rock patrons to the core. The music played has traveled around the world and is now breaking the horizon in America, causing record shattering attendances at shows like Ultra, EDC, and Dayglow. Going to any decent rave like event, you are overcome by the incredible amounts of energy from person to person. As others release, others absorb it. Everyone just wants to have a night to remember. It’s a constant circle when one could quite literally party till the break of dawn.

Back to the movie… It looks like an all out banger. It’s all about a dj’s/rock star life shared with friends and nations of people. Below is a word from the film makers. The movie is in the works as we speak. But if you ask me, it needs to be done ASAP. Check out the website and show some support Here

So anyway, what are you doing for the holidays? Preparing for impending doom? Or riding NYE out at one of the many tours and events around the world?!

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