Savant Teases About New EP [News]

The unique and amazing Savant has come up with a little taste of the progress he has made with his latest EP. It will consist of four songs from what he’s said, and he wanted it to be released around March. Of course, these are subject to change as the SectionZ Records artist proclaimed both pieces of info as subject to change in the future. The teaser that was provided sheds some light on the tracks though.

While the music provided could very well change (also said by Savant), you can definitely tell he’s gone for a more hardcore sound. The first “song” in the teaser makes this prevalent. The second “song” is my favorite of them all I believe, since it just has a great sound overall. The third and fourth “song” aren’t as good, but definitely show I was right about everything being hard-hitting. Throughout the teaser, it just switches off between the tracks (or so I assume). I for one can’t wait for Aleksander Vinter’s newest EP.

Miguel “Ortizmi” Ortiz is the senior writer/editor for the Club Marco team. The self-proclaimed “Voice of the Voiceless” helps unknown artists make a name for themselves through his writing, showcasing what others are capable of. Hopefully the effort put forth actually helps.