Skrillex, Zedd, Ingrosso Unite With Cirque Du Soleil For Innovative Lightshow [News]

“Have you seen the light?”

This runs as the tagline for the new anticipated show in Las Vegas featuring the likes of Skrillex, Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso, Baauer, and other popular electronic musicians. Uniting with the legendary Cirque du Soleil, artists of different forms are coming together to create a new unprecedented performance at Light Nightclub located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

This combination of the club scene, fancy light shows, amazing acrobatics, and a variety of electronic music has not been tried before in this fashion, but if their promotional website gives us any hints, it looks like it’ll be quite fantastic.

Each artist appears that they will have their own version of the show in their own particular style and taste. According to Skrillex from his Rolling Stone interview, “The cool thing is, Zedd’s show is gonna be different than mine; Alesso’s show is gonna be different than Baauer’s. I’m getting in with these guys on a personal level; we’re designing something that fits the club – and that’s what’s cool about LIGHT, too. Every show is gonna feel like a whole different experience.”

Zedd also adds, “I met with Amy [of the LIGHT team] and we went through the whole concept: how we could design the whole production, the whole stage…I don’t think it’s going to be like a normal electronic music dance show. Those guys have experience with shows that are far away from a normal EDM show.” Zedd also claims to have his performance partly inspired by his work with Lady Gaga, and the uniqueness of her own shows. “We can have the brightest lights and everything we want to have, but what I liked about Gaga’s show was [that] there’s a lot of humanity; there are a lot of dancers and it’s almost like a theater play with music. I could see parts of that in the whole LIGHT concept,” he says.

Sebastian Ingrosso, finally returning to his solo career after the past few years with Swedish House Mafia, speaks excitedly about the concept, “Production on dance shows has been escalating for a long time now. Swedish House Mafia shows have been something we build for months before a tour. But this is putting the production layers back where this all began: the club dance floor. This isn’t a huge arena, this is a club, and the vibe in a club is very different and special. This isn’t escalating up, this is it taking it back to the dance floor and we’ll all see where it takes us and enjoy it.”

The show is scheduled to start on April 26, 2013.

Official Promotional Site: Have You Seen The Light?

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