Audio Hipsters [Playlist]

In my short time of being an EDM fan I’ve encountered more than my fair share of hipsters. They, well, they are breed of their own to put it delicately. I’m not sure what happened brain somewhere along the way, but something did for sure. However, EDM hipsters do enjoy (and pride themselves in) something that probably many of us don’t- small, obscure artists. It’s safe to assume that after any artist has reached a certain popularity level, EDM hipsters, without a doubt, will drop them completely in pursuit of a new “undiscovered” artist. Nonetheless small, obscure artists are great and here is a list of some of what I believe are the best small, obscure artists from me to you.

Harvy Valencia

Der Minimalistiker

Benoit & Sergio


Marbeya Sound


Moon Regiment

That’s just a small portion of some of the obscure artists that I enjoy. Each of these artists are very good and I enjoy different things about each one of them. Overall, there sounds original, drawing only from other artists from time to time. The music that these small artists is great and I’d recommend doing a search for artists yourself.

A former hot air balloon traveling salesman, Cory has spent his years curating various instruments from various tribes of Cuh-Nay-Dee-Uhns. Now, Cory spends his time writing for Club Marco…..and hunting the rare Skrillicus Hipsticius. Rejoice, for koala now are controlling mankind.