Stephen Campbell Brings Trance To The Bass Guitar [Video]

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard:

I was stunned, so absolutely stunned when I first saw and heard this that I felt compelled to share it with you after I found it trending in YouTube music section. Essentially it’s a trance song played via a bass guitar with some effects added in, but I found it so surreal and (forgive the pun) i that I felt a euphoric rush similar to when listening to a completed trance song with all of the elements added in. Yes I’m exaggerating a bit and being overdramatic, but put simply, it was really awesome and I loved it.

From what I can ascertain so far, this is an original composition. The video was uploaded a few days ago by Stephen Campbell, who I can find no record of anywhere else online (if he’s in a band or group I haven’t heard of please correct me and let me know) and this is the only video on the YouTube channel. He’s promising a studio quality version coming Sunday or Monday (January 28th or 29th), and seems to be encouraging remixers to add their take on it when it comes out. I’m looking forward very much to this, and hope this develops into more in the future.

To subscribe and check out their stuff in the future: Here’s their  YouTube channel.

Are there any other notable performances of electronic-style songs on “normal” instruments you’ve seen or heard that come to your mind? Feel free to share what you like with us in the comment section.

Marco is an upcoming underground electronic dance music producer from New Jersey who recently released his ‘Northern Lights EP’ for free in late 2012, and is always working on improving his production skills and creating new material for his fans. He likes to stay involved in the dance music culture by running Club Marco from an administrative end, and posting articles from time to time. For more info on Marco, check out

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