The Top 10 Most Heartbreaking EDM Songs Ever [Playlist]

Ever since I started this site I’ve been meaning to write this post, but always had trouble with making the right selection of songs. With our official launch a few days ago I’ve finally got everything together to write it. So here we go!

While it’s very common for EDM tracks with vocals to have lyrics about love (e.g. Trance), I’ve tried to select ones that I’ve actually found meaningful and not meant to just be generic filler lyrics. I narrowed everything down to about 13 songs that I really like and struck an emotional chord with me, from there I had to drop another 3 which was very difficult since I love all of the songs. Here’s the final top ten list that I came up with, and why.

10. David Guetta – Titanium (feat. Sia) [House]

“Cut me down, but it’s you who’ll have further to fall

Ghost town and haunted love

Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones

I’m talking loud, not saying much”

David Guetta’s Titanium is definitely one of my favorite tracks from his latest album Nothing But The Beat. Sia’s powerful vocals really bring the emotion into the song. This song has also had a lot of radio play, which isn’t surprising because Guetta is one of the few EDM artists who enjoys mainstream radio play often. I think this is a brilliant track though, and always nice to listen to.

9. Kaskade – Lessons in Love (feat. Neon Trees) [House]

“If I walk away

I feel the push inside of me

That won’t let me leave

But what could I say

To make you feel what’s inside of me

This happens all the time”

Kaskade’s Fire and Ice is a truly amazing album that I love almost every track on, it’s what made me a Kaskade fan (sorry hipsters icon wink The Top 10 Most Heartbreaking EDM Songs Ever [Playlist] ). Lessons in Love is kind of a bittersweet song that I interpret to be about being hurt, but learning to move on and take advantage of the lessons learned in your mistakes. Perhaps Neon Trees meant it a different way, but that’s what I take from it. With it’s fat bass stabs and dubstep influenced breakdowns, it’s an excellent track on both the vocal and instrumental side.

8.  Armin van Buuren – Not Giving Up On Love (feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor) [Trance]

“Let’s bring it back to you and me

There’s no one else around

Now don’t get lost in gravity

‘Cause I want you to hold me now

Nothing else matters

It’s just the two of us”

While I was listening through Armin Van Buuren’s albums this song jumped out at me as significant. It’s very beautiful in my opinion and I think it well deserves its spot on my list. Yes, I did post a trance song despite what I said in my intro. Sophie Bextor’s vocals make the lyrics actually feel heartfelt, listen to the song and hear for yourself. 

7. Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me [Electro Hop]

“Our love feels wrong please wind it back

Our love feels wrong can’t hide the cracks

I guarantee you’ll miss me ’cause you changed the way you kiss me”

This song shows the dark side of British EDM rapper Example. The song has excellent dubstep and electro elements, and is a killer hit by Example. I love the intensity of the lyrics, and it has a very catchy hook.

6. Pendulum – Crush [Drum n’ Bass]

“Well, the nightmares I’ve been having have arrived

They’re changing my future

The signs of my creation at my door

How could you do this to her?”

With so many great songs, of course Pendulum had to make this list. I think we all were deeply saddened by the band’s breakup a few months ago, I know I certainly was. While Pendulum has many great songs with emotion in them, this one jumped out at me the most. The music video depicts Pendulum (and now Knife Party) frontman Rob Swire jealously guarding his lover, and attacking any other men he sees with her. At the end of the video, a large gang goes to beat him up in revenge for his actions. I especially love the ending lyrics which I’ve quoted here, and the acoustic guitar bit at the end. I now miss Pendulum even more :'(

5. Daft Punk – Digital Love [House]

“The time is right to put my arms around you

You’re feeling right

You wrap your arms around too

But suddenly I feel the shining sun

Before I knew it this dream was all gone”

How could Daft Punk not make the list? This classic song is on a more positive note than the previous ones listed above. The singer dreams about falling in love, but then wakes up at the end. This is an excellent house song, with beautiful instrumentals and vocals. It’s very soulful and groovy at points. My personal favorite part is the guitar solo starting at 3:33, it’s just absolutely beautiful.

4. Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me [Electro/House]

“Knocked down everything I tried to do

That sounds something like me holding you

I’ve known this can make you understand

Take my spirit from my open hand”

Calvin Harris is a very talented producer with an amazing voice as well. I think he’s the epitome of the EDM producer who does almost everything for himself. This song is very much underrated, and definitely one of my favorites off of Harris’ Ready For The Weekend album. I can definitely feel the emotion in his voice, and love the lyrical qualities of the song as well.

3. Avicii – Fade Into Darkness [House]

“This world can seem cold and gray

But you and I are here today

And we won’t fade into darkness

Nothing to fear, but fear itself

We’ll be okay, just keep the faith

And we won’t fade into darkness”

Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness,” which is really a male vocal version of his song Penguin (the female version is called Collide with Leona Lewis) is actually not a very popular or well-known Avicii song compared to his big successes like Levels or Silhouettes, but is probably one of my favorite tracks by him. I found the video to be a bit strange, but most Avicii videos are. I interpret the song as about keeping a relationship going no matter what. I find it kind of a very sad song to listen to, and especially with the way the video ends.

2. Chase & Status – Pieces (feat. Plan B) [Drum N’ Bass]

“You don’t care ’bout me anymore

That’s why you, You want to break my heart

I remember when I used to feel somethin’

Now I’m just cold inside”

This song is probably one of the darkest EDM songs I’ve ever listened to. The lyrics aren’t very in-depth, but it’s Plan B’s delivery that makes the song what it is. The song alternates between slow sad parts, with fast-paced breakbeat angry parts, which I think is absolutely genius when it comes to the song’s production on Chase & Status’ part. The music video is absolutely horrid, the first time I watched it it extremely repulsed me. His ex-girlfriend takes revenge on him by doing a variety of things (watch the video and you’ll understand), and at the end puts his cat in his oven. The video just makes you angry, and that’s exactly why I selected it for this list. The song’s very powerful and was able to invoke that strong of an emotional response in me.

1. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (feat. Greta Svabo Bech) [House/Dubstep]

“Dropping your bombs now

On all we’ve built

How does it feel now to watch it burn, burn, burn?

Raise your weapons, raise your weapons and it’s over

Rippin’ through like a missile

Rippin’ through my heart, rob me of this love

Raise your weapon, raise your weapon and it’s over

How does it feel now to watch it burn, burn, burn?”

And of course, Deadmau5 takes the gold on my list. I think Raise Your Weapon will go down as one of the most legendary songs in EDM history. The beginning half is a hauntingly beautiful piano piece, which eventually picks up into a house beat. Then, halfway through the song, suddenly it goes into a dubstep drop that no one expects the first time they listen to it. At the end the song fades back into the piano peacefully. The lyrics use several metaphors to express the experience of being taken advantage of, and scorn for a past lover. Greta Svabo Bech’s vocal performance is absolutely amazing, and I really hope in the future we see another Deadmau5 collaboration that includes her.

Well there’s my list! I hope you enjoyed this article because I had lot of fun selecting songs and writing it. Of course there are so many beautiful EDM songs more heartbreaking or emotional than these that I’m sure I’ve left out or just didn’t have room to fit, and many more that will be produced in the future.

Do you think a song you like should’ve made it on this list? Do you think one of these songs doesn’t belong here? Do you have a personal experience involving any of these songs? All feedback is appreciated and please leave a comment below and let me know any questions you have and if you liked my article! icon smile The Top 10 Most Heartbreaking EDM Songs Ever [Playlist] Thanks for reading!

Marco is an upcoming underground electronic dance music producer who released his debut EP “Love Life” for free in early 2012, and is always working on improving his production skills and new material for his fans. He also likes to stay involved in the dance music culture by running this blog from an administrative end, and posting from time to time. For more info on Marco, check out

  • … …

    Run Away from Me by Dotexe is a sad song.

  • Sammy Boy

    Number 2 made me want to murder someone. I hate it, but its soo good.

  • Mang

    Latch (ft. Sam Smith) by Disclosure is a song that has happy lyrics, but the synths and the way the lyrics are delivered make it a sad song.

  • Dj Dexter

    Something About Us by Daft Punk seems a bit more sad than digital love, I would have chosen that. But aside from that good list!

  • Dj Yan

    What are the 3 songs that didn’t make it? Out of curiosity

  • Ryan

    I think you need to listen to more tracks. A song that could be on here off the top of my head is “somebody I used to know” even tho its played a million times over and over. What about waiting by Dash berlin. What about In and out of love. Over the rainbow. Not tryin to hate but you need to step your game up before you make a blog like this. I could name hundreds of songs that could make this list of the top of my head. And it is bc I LISTEN all day long.

  • Anon

    Wow.. you should really listen to electronic music, not beatport. There are 100s more heartbreaking and sad songs/tracks than what you’ve listed here. If you wanna prospect as a producer you should really widen your views in the terms of EM. This is coming from a fellow producer. Good luck.

    • Kade

      Could you point me in the direction of some better ones? I would agree with you, these don’t make me feel half as broken or just affected as artists like Elli Goulding or many others, but I am on a dry run sadly, and can’t find any more :(

  • kdk

    adventure club-rise and fall

  • Aidan Page

    I honestly 100% agree with this list :D very nice

  • Anonymous

    Alesso – City of Dreams

  • Anonymous

    stay high should be on this list

  • sub focus

    shut up and sing v. 2.0 – zeds dead
    cowboy-zeds dead
    sun and moon- above and beyond
    city of dreams-alesso and dirty south
    something something – kaskade
    eyes- kaskade
    concrete angel-gareth emery
    missing you-kaskade
    last chance-kaskade
    love is not enough-above and beyond
    waiting-dash berlin

    you missed so many good ones…

  • Jason Teddy Hyde

    This list could be way better. I was looking for some tracks to come up with a mix that was on the sadder side of a relationship gone wrong. But these are not deep enough or far to mainstream.

    Tracks Like Filo & Peri feat Fisher – Ordinary Moment
    Has deep meaningful lyrics that are relatable and can be felt.

    “All I want
    is an ordinary moment here with you – no distractions.

    Tell the world
    that you’re busy doing nothing
    cancel everything – let it go.

    Meet me in the kitchen at the table
    I just want to be alone with you
    Stare into the eyes I’ve been missing
    Don’t say anything – you don’t need to. love.

    When I’m working so much
    with forgetting to touch
    What have we become
    Did you know that it’s a crime
    to never find the time
    to love?

    We’ve been working too much
    and forgetting to touch
    is what we’re guilty of
    But you know the greatest crime
    is that we never find the time to love. love.”

  • Jason Teddy Hyde

    Could’ve told you what you really wanted to hear
    I could’ve stayed for another empty year
    I could’ve touched your hand when the time was right
    But it’s never right
    And your eyes move away
    It’s a wild, perfect day

    I should’ve never even let you in
    ‘Cause your mouth was big but your words were thin
    ‘Cause something better than wanting you
    Is the thought of being done with you
    And my mind moves away
    It’s a wild, perfect day

    We let the world pass by
    It’s joy, it’s pain
    The fact that it’s a lie
    The apathy, I say
    It’s a wild it’s a wild
    It’s a wild and perfect day

  • Jason Teddy Hyde

    “Once upon a time you were my friend
    Recent, though I know it feels like ages
    Said wed be together till the end
    Well come on back babe this is just a phase

    Funny how the time it ticks on by
    Seconds agonizing when we used to fool away
    I hope you feel the same when youre just waiting, for me
    To beg you to stay, to stay, to stay

    Take a look inside Im beggin you
    Daring you to change your mind
    I know youd say youd try
    But again Im beggin you
    Baby change your mind
    Im beggin you”

  • Emo

    I cried when i listened to You by Galantis