Top 3 Dirtiest EDM Songs [Playlist]

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “This list will be Borgore and no one else.” Well you’re WRONG reader! (Only two songs of this list are Borgore.) Starting from #3 and working our way backwards we will count down the Top 3 Dirtiest EDM Songs!

#3 Jan Van Lier’s “Bounce On It (Original Mix)”

Yes, I did post this song yesterday and yes, making this playlist obviously shows that my mind is in the gutter. However, this song at the number 3 spot makes sense. It’s a dirty song, but pretty typical as far as dirty EDM songs go.

#2 Borgore’s “Nympho”

There’s really no explaining I can do for this song. Just listen and your face will be all O:

#1 Borgore’s “Love”

Although number 2 on the list has a lot more dirtier lines, I give “Love” the number one spot because you literally don’t expect it at all. For those of you who have heard this song before you have to admit the first time you heard this that you were surprised. Thanks for reading folks, I’ll see you next Sunday.~~~

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