Top 6 Trap Music Artists To Watch For (So Far) [Playlist]

Trap Music! Holy crap, what can I say about my new favorite sub-genre? Dubstep in a ghetto fashion to say the least and it’s blown up faster in the mainstream than Dubstep. Which is funny because most of Trap Music is inspired by how Hip Hop beats are today but in a different beat structure. Also, the drop give you the same chills Dubstep does because it’s the same feeling.

I’ll be honest, I was introduced to Trap Music. In February, I went to 12th Planet and Kill The Noise where I heard Flosstradamus’ remix of “Original Don” and that song was foreign to me at the concert but man, it was straight fire. What a fresh blast of air to hear that and to also witness my first encounter in Trap Music. I will say, I think Flosstradamus sparked the Trap Music era. The time when that song came out tip now, Trap has gotten high praise.

Now, I am not saying these are the best Trap Artists of all time (because the sub-genre just got big) but they are notable and I will give credit where credit is due.


Miami Moombahton producer actually produces some sweet Trap music in his free time. His work with A-Trak’s “Like The Dancefloor.” and his most of his “JWLS is Bored” releases are well done Trap. Check it out.

5. Party Favor

Los Angeles known Party Favor (well, they are not well known) but damn son, I found this on Soundcloud! There remixes to Swedish House Mafia’s “One” and Birdy Nam Nam’s “Jaded Future” are spot on perfect and I love it. He has a distinct sound I like around his work and that’s why he’s number 5!

4. Luminox 

Chi-Town’s Luminox is quite an amazing little gem. With remixes to Bingo Players’ “Rattle” and a rivaling remix to Major Lazer’s “Original Don.” Why do I say rivaling? Well, I go back to Flosstradamus’ remix of “Original Don” and try to compare it but I just can’t. They are too amazing them both and Luminox has this slot taken

3. Baauer

I’d would give Mad Decent’s own Baauer this number 2 spot because to be quite frank, his remixes are quite spectacular. But when I heard his set at Dillon Francis’ tour was half-assed, I do have to question him. His remix of Nero’s “Wont You (Be There)” and just his “Harlem Shake song are amazing pieces but I was disappointed to hear that he’s not well performed live. So, who gets number 2?

2. Munchi

Now, guys. Munchi hauls out amazing Moombahton like “Esta Noche” and his remix of Datsik’s “Firepower” but he also does many other sub-genres. 3 Beat, Kuduro, Juke, and his Trap. His trap he blends into his Moombahton but its unstoppable. His remix of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” and Afrojack’s Remix of Chuckie’s “Moombah” are straight nasty when it comes to Trap. They are simple yet perfect at the same time and hit very hard. So, he deserves this number 2 spot!

1. Flosstradamus

Whenever you hear his remix of Major Lazer’s “Original Don” and you hear the “Damn son! Where’d ya find this?”Who doesn’t automatically go insane? That song was the spark of a totally new sub-genre. Flosstradamus did their work and practiced to be ther ultimate Trap music gods. Songs like “Underground Anthem” and “Total Recall” are just fire. They also had 3 EP’s released entirely free to their fans. They are the best (so far) and maybe stuff will change or hopefully, stay the same. Flosstradamus definitely deserves number 1!


Now, again, this does not mean that this is a definite playlist. Trap has gotten all big that there are new producers everyday coming out with new material. Also, producers like Jahlil Beats, Boi1da, The Beat Bully, and others produce hip hop which transcribed into what we call Trap Music today. Also, Kill The Noise, Dillon Francis, Skrillex even made a Trap remix or two. We can’t judge for what the future brings us but we can embrace what we have today. 

Dan Sir Dan DiRugeris is a dancer from Woodbury, NJ who experiments EDM with different styles of dance. His dream is to become a DJ or a back up dancer. He beatboxes, writes his own poetry, and plays basketball in the summer in Wildwood. He is currently a writer for and is Making dat paper anyway he can.

  • God

    Chester Grooves is also pretty damn good.

  • Mitch

    Where the FFFF is Yellow Claw in this list. They have trap that hits so much harder then some of these songs on here.


    Yellow Claw definitely deserve to be in this list, there’s loads of awesome trap artists popping up though. Check out this channel for some massive tunes:

  • Iso Raw

    You called Baauer for sure! NOW DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!!!

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    why isn’t Dj apogee on the top list

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    Where’s rl grime at?

  • Juan Motta

    Bro Safari, DJ Carnage, Bingo Players < Killerz in Brazil

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    Needs Crnkn !

    • boogie man 808

      Hell ya you need crnkn I think his best is no handz sick bass

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    Qhere is Psychic Type???

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    TNGHT is good