Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ Live Remix By Headhunterz [Hardstyle]

Headhunterz had a little surprise for the audience at the X-Qlusive Wildstylez show on January 19th:

This is probably my favorite remix of Clarity that I’ve heard so far. The original mix I feel is a bit underwhelming, and kind of an understatement of what Zedd is capable of creating. Headhunterz of course, makes it awesome. I love how hardstyle is one of the hardest hitting genres, but is also one of the most beautiful as well. Those heavy bass kicks are balanced out by the beautiful high pitched synths. Being there must’ve been quite an amazing experience indeed.

I feel hardstyle is one of the most underrated genres in EDM, and deserves more attention given all the talent that’s there.

Here’s another video of them playing it from another angle, however the first video is the best quality I’ve found:

I cannot wait until the official version comes out.

Headhunterz also recently did his own edit of the Spectrum by Zedd, additionally from the Clarity album:

What do you think of both tracks? Feel free to join our audience, leave a comment, and let us know what you think!

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